Passionately committed to the promotion and contribution of export to the Gross National Products

Our vision
Create services for companies that help them structure trading, free up productive time, avoid bureaucratic burdens, and use data in more personalized ways for profit and productivity developments

Jocarol is striving to create wealth through commodities export








About Us

Jocarol Nigeria Limited is a private limited liability company established more than two decades ago. Jocarol has over these years been actively engaged in commodities exportation namely Cashew nuts, Ginger, Poundo yam flour, Hardwood Charcoal and Sesame seeds to various countries in the world.
Our team consist of high profile players in the export business with decades of track record with overseas biggest buyers of various commodities.
We are also into oil rigging, offshore upstream/downstream petroleum activities and consultancy services.
Our consultancy unit is actively engaged in conducting export training courses primarily for commodities export.
Our core area of competence also include securing of export licenses, export contracts, contract execution and products sourcing for all attendees of our export training..


  RC Number 69365

London Office Address:
TC Edochie, 71 Park Drive Northampton, NN5, 7LD United Kindom
 Lagos Address: 

+2347039277644, +2348077223110

Head Office:
84 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. Nigeria


Germany Office:
Am Katterbach 4, 61128, Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany